Website Security Monitoring Service

Security Monitoring for website

Have you given your full efforts to the website and still do not get enough traffic for your website? When it’s your website, downtime and page errors cause serious damage to SEO rankings, sales, and conversions. So if you want your website to get targeted traffic, conversions and sales, we have the best solution. Smart-Suburbs offers Security Monitoring services to all the local businesses who want to grow their business.

Security monitoring for websites

Continuous SEO Optimization & SERP Optimization

Making your website rank top in Google search is as tough and important at the same time. Changing search ranking strategies to deal with dynamic google search algorithms is of top priority to all the local businesses. With Security Monitoring service offered by Smart-suburbs, you get 24/7 website monitoring and real-time reporting with 2,800+ data points for better accuracy. More it allows you to Automate a task list to optimize your visibility and performance.

Continuous Security Checks

Unlike other security services that only give you notify you about the bugs and threats to your website, our service of Security Monitoring, along with website threats, it also suggests real time growth opportunities and  detect anomalies in your website performance before they burn a hole in your pocket. A continuous security check is performed in the background while you carry on with growing your business and expanding your brand reach.

Website monitoring services for local businesses
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Protect your ad campaigns by monitoring landing pages

Smart Suburbs team of experts helps you to monitor services typically having focus on your homepage, the problem with websites is that downtime can happen independently on any page, any time. Be it  a recent code update gone wrong, a rogue plugin breaking your product pages, a script update that breaks your checkout page, a mail server issue preventing emails from reaching your customers are just the tip of the iceberg that can go unnoticed for days. These problems can have a bad impression on your customers. Get our security monitoring service and fix all these issues in one go. 

Keep track of website changes and their performance impact

Smart Suburbs’ Security Monitoring service allows local businesses to monitors their most important pages daily, helping you track and improve your performance through crucial insights. These insights include :

  • Analyze website performance from desktop, tablet and mobile devices
  • Monitor page speed
  • Get actionable insights to fix performance issues
  • Check how home page is displayed in different devices
Increase website efficiency for local businesses

Manage your website like a PRO !

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