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What is Social Proofing?

     Social Proofing is a psychological term used to identify the behavior of the customers being influenced by the behavior of other customers. It is a concept used by many marketers to show the credibility and validate the quality of their services to the potential customers by using existing customers. For example, people tend to visit a crowded restaurants compared to less crowded restaurant, thinking that the food available in the crowded restaurants is good, since many people opt for it.

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Social Proofing is the art of making people believe of the credibility of your products and  services by using happy customers testimonials.

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Focus on customer experience !

         It takes 5 times more efforts to gain a new customer than to retain an existing customers. Thus, focusing on providing excellent customer service to the customers becomes a crucial part for any business. Smart-Suburbs offers Social Proofing service that not only helps you retain the existing customers by providing excellent customer service through liveagents and automation, but also help in regaining new customers by displaying the interaction and feedback of other customers on the site.

How to make customers loyal to your business?

     Loyalty comes with the quality of your service and past experience of the customers. More happy customers means more loyal customers. However, these are not the only factors related to increase loyalty. Building loyalty is all about keeping the customers first. Social Proofing helps you to reach the customers through the channel that they use the most including email, voice calls, and social media. Improve the customer experience by solving queries using a live-agent and asking for feedback. 

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Be there when your customers need you !

    Through Social Proofing services, provide your customers with Liveagent, that combines live chat with automation,thus providing an excellent customer experience and support. This service helps you to resolve the customer queries faster and gives the customers a complete, shared view of all other customer experiences and interactions. Make use of customer feedback to increase the confidence of other customers in your service.

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Stand out from competitors !

      Through Social Proofing services provide your customer with an exceptional customer experience. Convert customer connections into long-lasting relationships by providing customers more value (as compared to your competitors). Social Proofing is best for making new customers aware of your wide range of products and services, while at the same time, encouraging them to try out your services.

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