What is Smart Suburbs - Local Digital Marketing Platform?

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How to achieve successful Local Digital Marketing?

Local customers look for local businesses for a long term post sale support.
Smart Suburbs rightly fits the bill for local businesses where it offers True Local Digital Marketing.
We focus on digitally promoting your local area business within that specific geographic location for better high value Digital Visibility and therefore better Leads with High Conversion Propensity.
Under Local Digital Marketing we cover advertising in local area online business directory, geo local social media reach covering prominent social channels like fb, insta, twitter, sponsoring local community events / contests, local content marketing and high authority website backlinking like directory, local community platform articles, or using targeted online advertising to reach customers in a particular area.
Thus, the goal of local marketing is to create visibility of your business offered products & services within high conversion prospects local area audience and thereby achieve a higher chance of converting lead into customer.

Way to Win Local Customer

A Local Area Business needs a hawk eye mode on local Digital mediums. Organic & Paid are two distinct modes to gain LOCAL REACH, VISIBILITY and LEADS. A combination of Google My Business(GMB), Geo-local social handles, strong local SEO optimised website, Insta, Twitter handles and regular posts on these help achieve Organic Low Cost Lead generation. On the other hand, geo-targeted Paid Ads on Facebook, insta, Google Ads are expensive modes but offer high volume of leads.
Carrying out Online Contests targeting local neighbourhood is another powerful mechanism to connect, engage & establish your local biz / brand within your neighbourhood and achieve higher Brand Recall & Lead conversion.
Ultimately a Local customer wants to be served by a nearby business so after sales support remains good and equally helps to retain local businesses brand reputation intact and prosper.
Smart Suburbs Local Digital Marketing solution offers your business just that.

What every local Biz need to remind itself over and over again?

Joh Dikta Hai Voh Bikta Hai

Comparison between Smart Suburbs Local Biz Directory and Just Dial / Sulekha Directory offering?


Highly Effective LOCAL Digital Marketing Platform

Have you recently tried the quality of local area search results at leading pan-India directories? The majority of results come from 10kms and above distance. Certainly not what you expected as today we all live in suburbs which are self-sustained communities. Majority of your search queries are addressed within 5 kms radius.
Welcome to Smart Suburbs Directory and Local Digital Marketing platform network. Our Directory listing beats the pan-India directory listing as our Local Directory listing goes beyond the conventional google search presence technic and gives you Local Social Media Reach/Visibility, Local Events, Local Area/neighbourhood Community engagement/Contests, Featured article and more.
WHY PAY Rs.10k and more and GET LESS?
Smart Suburbs Paid Directory Listing at just Rs.5000 per year.
Checkout above Comparison table.
Better Value for your marketing spend.

Smart Suburbs Directory - Client Success Stories

Pet shops in Wakad Pune

Case Study 1: Pet Shop / Store, Dog n Cat Breeder in wakad – Jamhar Kennel

1st Page of Google Presence
Business Location:- wakad

Local Directory:- wakad.in
Total Impressions in last 3 Months:- 1.58k

Total Clicks in last 3 Months:- 10 Clicks

Case Study 2: Customized T-Shirt Printing in Kothrud.

1st Page of Google Presence
Business Location:- Kothurd
Local Directory:- Kothrud.com
Total Impressions in last 3 Months:- 304
Total Clicks in last 3 Months:- 12 Clicks

Customized T-shirt Printing in kothrud

Case Study 3: Drawing, Art, Painting Classes / Institute in Pimple Saudagar- Grafiti Expressions

1st Page of Google Presence
Business Location:- Pimple Saudagar
Local Directory:- Pimplesaudagar.in
Total Impressions in last 3 Months:- 478
Total Clicks in last 3 Months:- 3 Clicks

Case Study 4: Dr. Ashvini Phadnis (Pediatric Dentist)

1st Page of Google Presence
Business Location:- Aundh
Local Directory:- Aundh.in
Total Impressions in last 3 Months:- 3.1k
Total Clicks in last 3 Months:- 6 Clicks

Customized T-shirt Printing in kothrud

Questions every LOCAL Biz must ask itself before spending on Marketing?

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  • Your Ad is reaching 30 kms of the city whereas your local customer resides in 5kms distance at max. The 30kms reach is a waste of your marketing money.
  • Most Local Biz don’t want to serve a customer who is 30 kms away.
  • LOCAL CUSTOMER gives you cost effective DELIVERY and cost-effective POST SALES SUPPORT
  • Your Ad money want to ensure repeat footfall customers aka Happy Customers, which can only happen via LOCAL ADVERTISING & LOCAL CUSTOMER ACQUISITION
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  • Print gives no way to target end household by age, audience
  • Print doesn’t bring impulsive response and drive traffic to your online biz for more details
  • Print leaflets sadly don’t get picked from the letterbox many a times
  • With print newspapers dying a slow death, leaflet inserts are not getting quality reach.
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  • Visit your targeted society and see for yourself. Sadly, only 10-15% of leaflets dropped on friday get picked up by the following monday.
  • Meaning your marketing spend on print is not giving me results…
  • Younger generation is connecting more on online community platforms like FB, groups, Insta and online community portals like https://residents.smartsuburbs.in 
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  • Google Search presence is vital, but the last decade has shifted major biz discovery / branding / reach via Social Media platforms.
  • Go for Local Business Directories which are strong on Local Google Searches, Rich in Local Business listings and ALSO PROVIDE LOCAL SOCIAL MEDIA REACH. These come way cheaper and creates your business visibility within your biz geo-location.
  • Look for abilities like Local Community engagement like at https://residents.smartsuburbs.in  / Local Biz Community platform allowing for local businesses to post content / blogs which help boost your digital footprint and ranking.
  • Make use of Local Online Events provider.
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  • Smart Suburbs Directories offers you a blend of Digital Reach covering Google Search, geo-social media posts, Local Events engine, Local Community engagement platform to carryout Contests, Featured articles and more.

Smart Suburbs Neighbourhood Resident Community

  • Suburban neighbourhoods are very digital today. People of all age groups are happy to engage online, participate in contests, post social happenings, news and more.
  • Smart Suburbs residents community platform serves this very purpose.
  • Online Neighbourhood Contests encourages lots of Competitive spirit and fun
  • NGO activities
  • Netizens News reporters
  • Applaud, Wiz Kids, Neighbourhood Good Souls and more…

Smart Suburbs Local Biz Content Marketing Platform

  • Our customers get their business profile and services posted on our https://punebiz.smartsuburbs.in
  • You get the opportunity to cross-connect with other businesses and create bundled offerings
  • Backlink is achieved via the posting of content with your website / social media links.
  • Membership capability will be launched soon where Digital Services offered as bundles to our customers
  • Grow your Digital footprint

Smart Suburbs Digital Marketing Specialist





We offer following Advanced Local Digital Marketing Services

  • Brand Launch Broadcast across SS network of 50 local Facebook pages, Instagram, Twitter, fb groups and Local Directories
  • Google Top Ranking for biz Keywords
  • Local Community / Residents Contests with assured Vitality
  • Local Events / Virtual Events and Ticketing
  • Continuous Brand Bombarding creatively
  • Live Streaming of your product and services across Smart Suburbs Network of Social Handles
  • All-purpose Marketing Videos
  • Paid Local Lead Generation targeting Local Audience
  • Creative Content Marketing Strategy

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