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Get Your Business on the Top of Search Engine with Us

Customers search for the product or services they look for. They either search by prominent brand(eg; Bata shoes) or search using generic business keywords for their need. It is a global norm that 96% of searchers settle the need by calling businesses listed on first page of google search result. 


Given this, it is extremely critical to get your business on first page of google search results. You will notice that your competitors are already there. Coming top in search results need some good SEO expert to properly analyse your website, put up a strategy, implement and demonstrate the resulting outcome.


As one of the best Search Engine Marketing Agency in Pune, we use the best personalised combination of paid search, contextual advertising and organic placement supported by powerful analytics and in-depth research to make sure you are the first brand the customer sees.


Our PPC experts are Google certified who conduct data-driven campaigns and achieve an impressive ROI for all our customers.

How do we work ?

Step 1 : Study Effective Strategy

  • Determining your business goals to ensure that we can achieve the right results with our PPC campaign.
  • Determining the right audience since this will allow us to create a strategy that works best for your goals.
  • Determining the right keywords that are relevant to your target audience.

Step 2 : Implementation

  • Creating a campaign structure & writing ad copies based on the themes that are relevant to your audience.
  • Developing a landing page with high-quality content and user-friendly design.

Step 3 : Optimization

  • Carrying out statistical analysis to determine what aspect of the campaign is garnering highest results.
  • Based on the above analysis, we focus on refining the campaign to ensure that it runs smoothly and provides delightful ROI.