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Educating people and imparting knowledge is usually the forte of teachers and coaches, however, the horizons are expanding and so is the number of influencers and coaches. Online Teaching Platform provides a base to all those budding teachers waiting to enlighten the new minds. Smart Suburbs operating in Pune helps you in building your own student community and expand your innovative teaching styles. 

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Create, educate, promote & prosper

Knowledge is Power! And who knows it better than a Teacher. This extraordinary platform allows all the teachers and influencers out there to build their own service collection, educational blogs, virtual school and many other design courses to stimulate the creativity of the young minds. Online Teaching Platform provides you innovative techniques for spreading knowledge and inspiring the students all over the world, because when it comes to learning, distance is just a number!

Video Streaming, Multilingual Capability and Product Creation

Smart-Suburbs now offers you hazzle free options for creating content for your online courses and designs. Moreover, you can use your native language to create the contents with the new Multilingual options. Online Teaching Platform has many other features that lets a coach, a teacher and an educator to provide an extraordinary learning experience to all your users.

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Certification and Drip Content Features

Issue assessments to test your students’ progress and identify improvement areas. Create custom-made certificates for course completion and thereby increase their professional credibility. Release your course videos on a pre-set schedule. Your students can watch the video content in periodic proportions which will maintain member retention and prevent overwhelm. 

Build Community, Track Progress, Increase revenue, Email Broadcast

Let your users see updates for the course, community feedback, start & contribute to current discussions & comments. An amazing community helps its members help themselves. Moreover, export any report and information, contact and revenue data reports, instant updates, course-wise student signups and more such insights. These are key for driving growth.Use the built-in Email Autoresponder to send email broadcasts to your prospects & clients to build relationships and engage your audience. No use of a 3rd party email provider needed.

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