Investors we believe are the partners to take the dream to full completion. We at Smart Suburbs too look for a formidable partner with whom we jointly see our dream come true.

Smart Suburbs is a wonderful opportunity for any institution which shares our below vision on the future of our Digital Neighbourhood.

  • ‎The data explosion and more connected individuals will be even more explosive and active in dense suburbs
  • That, believing in aggregation of Quality data presentable by a location and presenting it holistically giving Local Events, Deals, Jobs, News n Happenings is a real value at a click.
  • Business Directory for a dense suburb can really cover more offline businesses and allows the opportunity to be more accurate and also enable search by by-lanes, streets, nagars and chowks and GPS.
  • There exists sufficient room to play no 2 player in Online Directory space by offering niche Premium Biz listing for location based businesses which offers rich presentation of business at a very competitive pricing, giving a very distinctive large content based biz Promotion which is not provided with national Biz Directory players.
  • Local Marketplace is a huge opportunity giving local sellers a board to retain and grow their local customer base. Customers too benefit by buying from sellers with a face in their neighbourhood.
  • Lastly, our Investors cannot ignore the biggest advantage ‎that exists for Smart Suburbs and which will be more prominent in next 12 months, ie; LOCAL MEDIA NETWORK in the making.

Thank you. I hope you equally share the same vision as I do. For any further discussions over a cuppa, feel free to reach me at

Contact No: 8329693840

Yours Sincerely,

Parag Pathare – Founder & CEO