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What are E-books and Flip-books?

We live in a world where everyone loves the idea of doing everything virtually from any electronic device. Humans have been revolutionizing everything to suit their needs like e-Commerce, e-Banking, e-Tickets, e-Gift Cards, e-Cigarettes, and the list goes on. E-books are yet another product of this technical revolution. E-books are simply digital documents that are uneditable, customized according to the screen, that can be easily viewed on any electronic device including computers, mobile phones, tablets, etc. However, this is not what sets e-books apart from other digital documents, it is the benefits that play a huge role in influencing people into shifting from hard copy documents to e-books.

How will E-books & Flip-books benefit the business?

An e-book is one of the best ways of reaching potential customers and attract them with your industry knowledge. It gives the businessmen a great opportunity of using content for lead generation and increase customer engagement. Smart-suburbs believes that customer engagement and value for money play an enhancing role in attracting customers hence, we offer a variety of e-book and flip-book services in Pune. These services can be used not only to build trust in your customers but also to cover an in-depth topic and generate new leads. For e-books, no new content is required for creating an e-book, the content can be existing from your social media accounts or website, and, Voila! A brand new E-book is ready.

Here is why everyone is shifting to eBooks :

  • E-books save space
  • E-books saves money
  • They are portable and convenient
  • Can be easily downloaded on any electronic device
  • Can be easily customized
  • E-books & Flip-books can be easily shared
  • Creates a company manifesto
  • Drives more traffic
  • Increase in customer satisfaction
  • Covers an in-depth topic
  • Generate new leads
  • Efficient use of content and industry knowledge
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E-books for digital marketing

E-books & Flip-books are becoming a new trend in marketing strategy

E-books & Flipbooks are significant and help to complement the existing strategies. They provide appropriate and abundant content to help market the business. You want your content to work for your customers and not just for you, right? Well, then don’t use any of the tricks that will make you successful at the expense of others. Share real data and establish a connection with your audience. E-books can be used for more than just lead generation. They can be a great way to longingly stay top of mind with current leads and customers. Smart-Suburbs operates from Baner, Pune, and offers the best E-book and flip-book services for its clients in Pune & Mumbai, which is of premium content and offer that every business should consider implementing into their marketing strategy. They can be used to generate and nurture leads as well as establish credibility and a connection with your target audience.

FAQs on Flip-books and eBooks

Can doctors use flipbooks and ebooks?

Yes. In fact, flip books and eBooks can play a very crucial part for doctors in educating their patients about different illnesses and diseases, and make them realize the importance of staying fit. This helps in building trust in the patients.

Which businesses can use ebooks?

E-books can be used by any business ranging from beauty and skincare industry to retail & service industry. E-books and  Flip-books can be used to give valuable information to your target audience about your product and services.

How will E-books and Flipbooks help in generating new leads?

When you give your customers and potential customers higher value in the form of E-books and Flip-books, it increases the customer satisfaction and can encourage positive mouth publicity which can be very useful for your business. Additionally, through Flip-books and eBooks, you can showcase to your potential customers the vast knowledge your have about the industry, which helps in building their confidence in buying your product or service.

What are the resources required for Flip-books and Ebooks?

Flip-books are digital, unediatble, easily downloadable documents, that can be accessed from anywhere and on any electronic devices. Flip-books can be used to give in-depth information about your product, brand, service to the target customers. It can also be used to simply educate the audience about a particular topic.