Email is the greatest owned media channel for any Brand!

Email Marketing is all about building relationships wit your customers. It is a traditional, yet effective form of marketing.

About Email Marketing

 Email Marketing is a high effective digital marketing strategy that helps you to spread awareness about your brand, promote your brand and eventually drive sales. You can do a lot of things through email marketing like sell a product, spread awareness, tell a story, share information or news, etc. One of the factors owing to the success of Email Marketing strategy is that emails can be used to reach a larger audience and target a specific group of people (i.e. You can decide who all will receive your email). Emails can used to invite your followers, subscribers and potential customers and turn them into actual customers. It also helps in making announcements about your brand or building anticipation among prospect customers, thus driving more traffic to the website. Smart Suburbs offers Email Marketing service, that ensures higher conversion rates for local and independent businesses. It helps you focus on quality rather than the quantity for an effective marketing of your brand

Drive Traffic to Website

Increase Customer Engagement

Wide Range of types of emails

How It Work?

Email Marketing for local business

Reach & Grow your audience

From first hello to loyal customer, send emails to the right people at the right time

Use the Right Email

Instantly validate email addresses one by one or in bulk

Increase Revenue

Target the right set of audience and increase the effectiveness of your marketing strategy

Wide Range of Emails

Connect with your customers by making them feel special