Why is Brand Monitoring and Competitor Analysis important?

Have you ever wondered what your customers think about your brand? Is your competitor getting more customers than you? Want to get your hands on the special recipe (of driving traffic) of your competitors? Well,  your in Luck. Smart-Suburbs offers a best solution that will not only helps you understand what customers feel about your brand, but also gives you a brief analysis of your competitors. Brand Monitoring and Competitor Analysis can offer useful information while developing a marketing strategy to grow your business.

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Smart Suburbs Competitor Analysis Service in Pune

Competitor Analysis

Smart-Suburbs offers Competitor Analysis service to local businesses, that gives you full access of your competitors insights and real-time data. It will help you expose and analyze your competitors’ strategy and see where they have been mentioned (on social and print media), what are their focus areas, and learn what worked for them. When it comes to your business and competitors, the more you know, the better.

Brand Monitoring service allows you to monitor the web and social media for direct mentions of your business, track trending topics, and proactively inject your brand into the conversation. We make use of web crawlers, that scope out billions of pages daily, allowing you to get the most up-to-date feed of mentions on one click. Listen to what your customers say, feel, and think about your brand both directly and indirectly.

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Get your social media data interpreted into actionable tips that you can use daily to improve your social media performance. Brand Monitoring and Competitor Analysis service will give you daily insights across multiple variables in forms of graphs, charts, numbers and daily tips. This is especially useful for local businesses wanting to boost their social engagement at a very minimal price.

Get a complete understanding about what is working best for your social media engagement. Judge your social media strategy across all engagement types ranging from likes, comments, applause, conversations and mentions. This service gives you a real-time analysis of your brand that will assist you in building a new strategy or improvising the current strategy.

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