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Growing community helps in growing Business !

The art of communication which plays an extremely crucial role in business has been taken over by Technology. However, this only acts as a boon to many businesses, as communication can be made more effective through technology, reach target audience, increase the community and build trust in their customers. Live Video Streaming gives an opportunity to businesses to interact with customers and promote their brands. It ensures targeted and effective impact on the buying decision of their targeted customers. Live Webinars are cost-effective. Many companies use live video streaming as a part of their training programme to train the new employees. All the employees get the same training, at the same time, and at a very minimal cost. However, lowering the cost doe snot essentially mean lowering the quality. High quality content and training can be provided with live webinars at a low cost.

Live Webinars help in increasing the customer engagement and building trust.

We, at Smart-suburbs understand the importance of customer engagement and trust in any business, and hence, we offer Live Webinar Services for all the businesses to connect with their customers in a personalized way. Live Webinar should be fun and interactive and fun in order to have an impact on the customers. At Smart-Suburbs we provide an online room at minimal cost., where you can invite your audiences while launching a new product or service or making an announcement of your brand. These Live Webinars or Online Video Streaming can also be used to address the issues of your customers and educating them by giving demo sessions. Furthermore, you can also save the files, documents and presentations shared during the session and use it whenever required. Through Live Webinars you can bridge the gap between you and your customers.

Live Webinar Services include:

  • Landing Page Builder
  • Live Webinar session for fueling marketing
  • Live streaming for product announcements
  • Product/Service promotion live webinars
  • Engagement Boosting Live Webinars
  • Improve Customer Service through Webinars
Live webinar promotion services in Pune
Online Webinar platform service in Pune

How will Live Webinar benefit Business?

Live webinars grows your target audience. A live video streaming session offers access to consumers who wouldn’t have in any case otherwise participated in the announcement, forum, question & answer session, or whatever event your business chooses to host.Live Webinars gives a feeling of interest and trust to your target audience. The live streaming itself is characteristically about community. It makes the customers feel like they are a part of your brand.Aside from the live streaming, organizations can record the communicate and transfer it onto other platforms, for example, YouTube. This allows the customers who couldn’t tune into the live occasion to watch it whenever possible. Following are some of the benefits of Live Webinars:

  • Easily add your speakers to generate dynamic content on your optimized landing page, ready to convert your potential attendees. 
  • urn your content into a valuable asset, engaging new customers or your existing community
  • Reach more people
  • Store, share and present your documents and presentations
  • Broadcast your event to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and others
  • Advanced reports, analyses and tracking
  • Add your own brand logo, change custom colors and overlays anytime during your show
  • Show your viewers’ live comments on the screen and use lower-third text to emphasize a topic
  • Engage audience with Live Video
  • Low Cost

FAQs on Live Webinar Service

What all can be done through Live Webinars?

Live Webinars can be used by different businesses for different purposes ranging from launch of new product or service, introduction of brand, announcements related to the brand, solving customer issues, giving a demo session, conduction a Question & Answers session, training session, etc.

Why do I need Live Webinar when I can go live on Facebook?

Facebook provides a platform to go live during a session, however, live webinars are more personalized as compared to Facebook. In Live Webinars, only the people invited to the room can access the session which ensures targeted and effective session. The media exchanged during the live session can be easily saved and accessed whenever required. Moreover, the sessions can even be recorded and later posted on other social media platforms like YouTube for others to view.

Which businesses can use Live Webinars?

All the business, right from a small and local business can use Live Webinars to interact better with the customers. These webinars can be live or can even be recorded for the customers who missed the session. This service can be used by teachers, doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs etc.

How many people can I invite to the Live Webinar room?

The number of members attending the webinar depends on the package purchased by the business. We offer a variety of packages for Live Webinar Sessions. You can select the packages based on your business requirement.

How can I use Live Webinar for my business?

Live Webinars is not a modern concept, however, due to lack of awareness, it has not been completely utilized by the businesses. Live webinars can be used by any business right from local and small business to a huge organization. Through Live Webinars, you can host a session and invite your customers to the online room and ensure better interaction with them, thus building trust among everyone.