How to turn your website into Lead Generation Machine?

Landing Pages for Lead Generation is a term used to create highly Search Friendly web page for business. These are high speed web-pages opening under 1 second loading speed FROM ANYWHERE AROUND THE WORLD. These pages get good google search ranking as they are high on page-speed, one of the parameter of search ranking. These pages also should carry a high Call-To-Action (CTA) score to trigger impulse action from visitor to perform the desired action.

For any web-page to be effective enough to deliver the desired action, it need to SCORE HIGH ON following key criteria’s:

  • High On Visual Appeal

  • Split Second speed for Instant Visitor reaction

  • Provide sufficient information for visitor to be able to find important information

  •  Mobile friendly

Smart Suburbs offers a service of Lead Generation to all the local and small businesses in Pune and Mumbai, to help drive more traffic to the website and increasing the click-through rate.