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To know more about importance of Facebook Marketing for local businesses

Smart Suburbs is a fast growing digital marketing agency operating in Baner, Pune. It highly focuses on local and independent businesses in Pune and helps to grow their business manifolds. The aim is to bring these local businesses forward by helping them gain a maximum local customer base through social media. Facebook Page launcher package is one of the services offered by Smart Suburbs which helps businesses with minimum or no Facebook presence to tap the customers on Facebook and generate leads, along with maximizing the brand reach. The package is broken down into 3 simple steps: 

Facebook Page social media platter

Step1: Get a High Quality Facebook Page (search friendly + services ready)

 Facebook offers BEST Digital step towards Social Media. Facebook page allows you to get your presence on world’s most active social media platform – FACBOOK. Thus, Facebook page is a MUST for any business. Get Smart Suburbs Social Media Expert to shape your Facebook page the best way. 

Price: Rs.4000

Bonus:  We bundle 5 highly creative social media posts FREE for your page

Step2: Video to market your Brand / Product / Service is all that is required to grab attention of your prospects.

 A video says a thousand pictures. TRUE. A Video with a good story line, right type of sound is a clear winner when it comes to hypnotizing your audience. We provide VIDEO which is perfect for your Biz to take the STEP 3 of Social Media Marketing, ie; Facebook Ad

Price: Rs.4000

Bonus: Your video is also posted FREE on Smart Suburbs Youtube channel to gain max visibility.

Social media platter Facebook page
Facebook advertisements for local businesses

STEP 3: Advertise on Facebook for Leads Generation.

Without Paid Facebook ads, you will wait till the cows come home and the doorway lamp will dim away. Facebook Advertisement is the most COST EFFECTIVE dose to gain prospects. Don’t let the prospects wait too long and get them calling.

Price: starting Rs.4000

Bonus: your Marketing Video is posted for FREE on 20 fb pages of Smart Suburbs network.

Facebook package