What are Bio Links?

Modern problems require modern solutions, and this is where Bio links come into play. Bio Links is a solution to the linking problem of Instagram and URL shortener at the same time. Have you ever wanted to manage multiple accounts from Instagram but could not since Instagram allows only one link in the bio? Not anymore! The Bio Link service offered by Smart-Suburbs gives you the luxury of handling multiple accounts with multiple links in one place. 

Smart Suburbs

Bio Links helps you to manage multiple links for your business from one place.
Create multiple instagram links

Create an extraordinary customer experience!

Bio Links helps your customers find the links to your best services in one place. This not only ensures maximum clicks on different links but also provides a user friendly experience to your customers. Some of the benefits are :

  • Create beautiful biolink pages
  • Manage multiple links and accounts
  • Shoertening of bio links
  • YouTube,Spotify,Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel support

Organize your Playlist

 Bio Link service helps you to organize the playlist giving you an opportunity to display your best videos, blogs, articles, news,etc., to your customers without compromising on the quality of the service and customer interaction. This feature is best for digital companies and startups.

Organize multiple links through biolinks
Share links thrrough biolink service in Pune

Share with your customers!

Bio Links allows you to share your pages, websites, accounts, and business related things with your customers in an easy and user-friendly way. The multiple links can be shared across different platforms through a click. This helps you to reach your potential customers through all channels, thus, increasing the reach of your business.

Promote yourself in the right way!

Smart-Suburbs offers a perfect solution to magnify the effectiveness of your brand promotion. Every business strategy is incomplete without a proper promotion strategy. Bio Links offers a perfect solution to promote the pages, blogs, videos, and other material of your business that otherwise does not reach your customers. This service is best for small and local businesses, as promotion plays a very crucial role for them in gaining and retaining customers.

Promote business through instagram Pune

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